TKT exam

Teaching knowledge exam

7 APRIL 2023



The Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) is a test of the skills you need to be successful in teaching English as a second language. TKT’s qualification is internationally accepted and is suitable for teachers who are new or for teachers who want to specialize in a certain area. It is suitable for teachers of all age groups and no formal English qualification is necessary to take TKT. It is also good as a foundation for CELTA or DELTA.

Thanks to TKT you will:

⭐ Gain an internationally recognized qualification
⭐ Learn new teaching methodologies
⭐ Learn how to utilize the available resources effectively
⭐ Learn how to use different classroom management methods for different needs
⭐ Understand key aspects of planning


⭐ It is the perfect choice for teachers who want to gain confidence
⭐ It is internationally recognized
⭐ It helps teacher improve their teaching abilities
⭐ It helps teachers to progress to the next stage in their career at their own pace

Core modules 1 - 3

⭐ TKT Module 1: Background to language teaching
⭐ TKT Module 2: Planning for language teaching
⭐ TKT Module 3: Classroom management

Specialist modules

⭐ TKT Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
⭐ TKT Young Learners (YL)
⭐ Each exam for a module consists of 80 questions worth of 1 point each and lasts 80 minutes and is divided into 2-3 parts
⭐ There are multiple choice and matching questions
⭐ You can sit for as many modules as you wish in one session
⭐ You can choose to take any of the TKT modules in combination or on their own.
⭐ There is no pass or fail and your result will be indicated by a band score. (Band 1 is the weakest, indicating you have restricted knowledge and skills in that area, and band 4 is the strongest, indicating extensive knowledge and skill).

Overview of modules:

Module 1 – Background to language learning and teaching - This module is about the general knowledge of concepts and terms in English language teaching. It also focuses on factors that facilitate English learning and examines the knowledge candidates have of the variety of tools teachers have at their disposal to accentuate those learning factors.

Module 2 – Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching This module focuses on what teachers do while planning their lessons. It also takes into account the linguistic and methodological resources that are available for guidance for lesson planning.

Module 3 - Managing the teaching and learning process This module focuses on the knowledge of teachers in terms of language used by them and the learners, roles that they can play in facilitating learning and ways to manage and exploit events and interactions taking place in the classroom.

Specialist Modules:

TKT: CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning This module tests the knowledge of goals and rationale of CLIL approach. It covers aspects such as planning, teaching, assessment of CLIL and the teachers’ awareness of different learning needs and strategies to support the learners in CLIL programmes.

YL TKT - YL is an exam for teachers and teachers’ assistants who want to prepare for teaching English to young learners. It focuses on concepts related to learning and development of young learners and an understanding of young learners from a teaching perspective. It also covers planning lessons, teaching and assessment of their work.


The price for any TKT exam is 220 Ron and the TKT exam (all modules) will be held on April 7th 2023 & the registration deadline is 22th of February 2023.

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